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Nestlings 3nd Birthday Gifts and Thanks Galore…

Diaper DonateNestlings 3nd Birthday Gifts and Thanks Galore…

Nestlings celebrated its 3rd Birthday on February 9th. Three years ago a conversation started this idea and the ball rolling toward founding Nestlings.  It is truly amazing to think of all that has happened in just these past few years. What is more amazing is the gifts Nestlings has received since our birthday.

Nestlings thought our biggest news to celebrate in this 3rd year was the fact that 100,000 diapers had been given away since we started distribution in 2011.  That 100,000th diaper was distributed to the Ottawa County Health Department in the fall of 2013. Their staff of visiting nurses hand out Nestlings diapers free through their Maternal Infant Health Program to babies up to 1 ½ years old.  Nestlings goal for 2014 is to distribute 75,000 diapers or more into the low income community.

Then shortly after the February 9 celebration Nestlings received an email from our partners at the National Diaper Bank Network asking if Nestlings would be interested in a 50,000 Diaper Donation from a partnership between the National Diaper Bank Network, Huggies and Meijer.  What a huge unexpected surprise this was.  But such good news because Nestlings knew this would help to reach more babies with clean diapers. This donation actually allowed two more agencies to be added as Nestlings partners and served with diapers.

Less than one week later Nestlings found out that it was the recipient of the Women Who Care 1st quarter monetary gift.  This gift allows Nestlings to be more effective and to start building a permanent sustainable organization with a long term future and ability to help thousands of families with babies and children thanks to support provided by the community.

The next weeks surprise was that Nestlings is one of eight finalist in the Wood TV 8 Connection with Community Award.  Nestlings was given the opportunity to have a video story about its work within our community aired on the 5:00 o’clock news.  What a huge honor the nomination is to Nestlings along with the ability to tell others about diaper need is wonderful for all babies in our community and all of West Michigan.  With the ability for the story to reach into other communities may make more people aware of what an issue diaper need is and how many people do not realize this.

Nestlings could not be more thankful to all of the organizations and support of our mission to help diaper the needy babies and children.  The opportunity to give them clean diapers seems so simple but it truly changes lives, helps to promote positive growth, development, learning and nurturing environments.

Thank you so much for understanding that the children are the innocents whom need a voice to help them get and keep that diaper changed.  You are the key to that change.

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