Changing Diapers, Changing Lives


Nestlings is mostly volunteer operated organization.  Your support and involvement is critical in the ongoing work to support our mission to diaper local babies and children in need.

When you’re considering how you can help or get involved here are some ideas to get you started.  Or feel free to be creative and do something different Nestlings would love to hear your ideas.

diaper-stack-500x375ways to help Nestlings

* Donate cloth or disposable diapers and wipes at a diaper drive or drop off location.

* Donate your opened diapers that are left over after potty training or size changes.

* Donate active valid gift cards from retailers who sell diapers.

*  Sponsor or host diaper drives for yourself ,businesses, companies, teams, schools, departments, etc.

* Form teams and challenge others to a diaper drive contest and see who can raise the most.

* Have a party, shower, event or get together and ask guest to bring disposable diapers along to donate instead of gifts or food.

* Spread the word about Nestlings and its work, invite friends, family and coworkers to get involved.

* Host Nestlings at an event, meeting or get together to raise awareness to the issue of Diaper Need.

* Donate using your credit card at : using PayPal.

*If you would like to donate by check, make payable to: “Nestlings” and mail to:  650 Riley St, Suite L, Holland, MI  49424

diaper-wrap-500x344diaper wrapping

Nestlings host various days to re-wrap diapers from their retail packages into shrink-wrapped 12 count packages.  Follow us on Facebook for the postings of the dates for diaper wrapping days or email for more information.


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