Changing Diapers, Changing Lives

the beginning

thanks-500-331Nestlings began from a conversation with my retired social worker mother who informed me that after 30 years of service there was one big basic need that was continuing to go unmet in our community.  Intrigued I asked what that need was and the answer was one simple word….Diapers!

Needless to say that is where the research began and I discovered that nationally 1 in 3 families struggled to diaper their children and babies.  Not having children the cost of diapers escaped me along with the amount one child uses in just one day.  Upon discovering the facts of  “Diaper Need” I was aware that the babies are the innocents whom do not choose their circumstances to be born into and I had to do something to help. So the plan to start Nestlings was hatched and I began my journey to found the organization.

But most importantly without our community supporting Nestlings mission there would be no success.  Thank You All for believing in my dream to help keep the babies happy, healthy and dry.  – Tania, Nestlings – Founder

about Nestlings purpose

meijer-helpers-800x450Nestlings is a diaper bank that operates similar to a food bank by serving as a central location to collect, store, and distribute diapers to Social Service agencies working with those in need.  Nestlings purpose is to make a difference in the lives of local low income families by efficiently providing diapers to as many babies as possible through our partnerships with Shelters, Food Pantries, Local Church Programs and Social Service Organizations.

Nestlings does not distribute to individual families.

By working with organizations who are already established in the community Nestlings ensures that the diapers collected are distributed in an efficient and timely manner to the families with infants and toddlers who need them most.  All the diapers Nestlings receives are donated by the local community or purchased through fundraising efforts.

about Nestlings partner agencies

wrapped-diapers-800x600Nestlings mission to nurture happy and healthy families is accomplished by supporting our partner agencies with a reliable and adequate supply of diapers in all sizes, at no cost; allowing them to consistently provide diapers to families who cannot afford them. Nestlings saves its partner organizations time and money so they are able to focus on their existing programs that educate and empower parents and guardians to enrich themselves, the children they care for and their communities.

Since starting in the spring of 2011 Nestlings has provided thousands of diapers to infants and toddlers within Ottawa County through established partnerships with over a dozen social service organizations.

The need for diapers continues to increase and the ongoing success of Nestlings is a community effort.

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