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2013 Christmas Ornament

Ornament 2013

Nestlings has a custom Christmas Ornament thanks to local business owner Tammy  Hillen of Harbor Health & Massage and local artist Carolyn Stich who donated her artwork, time and talents to create this unique ornament for Nestlings. There is a limited number available and all ornaments are signed and numbered by Carolyn.

Carolyn themed the ornament on family fit in with Nestlings focus on children and families. The nativity scene with Joseph, Mary and the baby is a great connection of family focus. Please check out more artwork from Carolyn on her website at or visit her studio on 8th Street.

Almost all of the proceeds from the sale of the ornament go to support Nestlings mission to help diaper the children and babies in need. A very small portion of the proceeds will cover the cost of the ornament materials but all of Tammy’s and Carolyn’s time, talents and work was donated to make this fundraiser possible.  Thank you ladies for all your efforts supporting Nestlings mission.

So start your Christmas gift and decoration shopping early this year while supporting Nestlings mission at the same time. Get a beautiful limited collectable created by a local artist in our community. Each ornament cost $25.00, is signed and numbered by the artist and comes individually boxed. Get yours now before they are gone.

To purchase Christmas Ornaments email:, call 616-738-2458 or message us on Facebook at nestlingsdiaperbank.

Or visit one of the businesses supporting Nestlings selling the Christmas ornament:  Harbor Health and Massage, Carolyn Stich Studios , EcoBuns , Tip Toes , Globe Design and Vision, Untangled Salon

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