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Allendale Grant Funds will Provide for One of Babies Greatest Needs

Nestlings is very thankful for a $1,000 grant received from the Allendale Greatest Needs Fund of the Allendale Community Foundation. Grant funds are rarely issued for consumable items, such as diapers and wipes, so receiving this grant shows the commitment of the Allendale Community Foundation to infants and toddlers in their community and also their awareness of the great need for diapers.

Diapers are a large unmet need that fall into a void of items not covered by State or Federal assistance programs. Occasionally a pantry, church, or agency may receive diaper donations into their programs but they go out as fast as they come in. Nestlings goal is to provide a consistent supply of diapers available in all sizes to these programs.

We have been thankful to collaborate with Valley Church so they can support families in the Allendale area through their Diaper Store. On the second and fourth Saturday of every month, the Valley Church Diaper Store distributes diapers – free of charge – to families in need, referred to them by Love Inc.

The Allendale Greatest Needs Fund of the Allendale Community Foundation grant dollars will be used to buy diapers specifically for the Valley Church Diaper Store in Allendale. Nestlings relationship with a diaper supplier will enable us to purchase diapers at the lowest possible price; maximizing the fund dollars.

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