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Are Diapers Tax Deductible?

As we close out the year we often look ahead to the new year with anticipation of… filing taxes. ?!?!

While it is certainly not something most of us look forward to we can anticipate with certainty that we will soon have to file our taxes. And that consideration often has us adding up our deductible expenses. If you have diapered children you know what a large expense diapers are. Is the expense of diapering a child tax deductible? No. Unfortunately not.

But your donation to Nestlings IS fully tax deductible!

Diaper need is an ongoing problem and many babies need you. Your tax deductible donation will be helping to care for local infants and toddlers by providing the comfort of a dry diaper for children who are often left in wet or dirty diapers longer than necessary because the parent or caregiver cannot afford diapers.

Why help?

Babies born into low income families have been known to be left in dirty diapers for hours and in some cases days.  When left in wet and dirty diapers babies tend to cry more, causing stress on the caregivers and the child.  This increases the odds of neglect, physical abuse and causes undue stress to the baby during critical emotional and physical developmental years, possibly inhibiting brain growth, learning and social abilities in the future.

Your generosity buys…

$10.00 = 50 diapers

$20.00 = 100 diapers

$30.00 = 150 diapers

$40.00 = 200 diapers

$50.00 & up = 250 or more diapers

How many dry diapers will you help to provide for local babies? 

Please donate here online (look for the blue box in the top left). Prefer to mail a check?  Checks payable to  “Nestlings” can be mailed to 11926 Burning Bush Ct., Holland, MI  49424.  Donations are tax deductible as Nestlings is a 501c3 organization.

We thank you and appreciate any support.  Enjoy a happy and healthy new year with your family and loved ones.

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