Changing Diapers, Changing Lives

Dump Truck Diaper Drive Helps Babies Get a Great Start!

The Great Start Collaborative of Ottawa County is focused on the healthy development of infants and young children. They know how important the first three years in an infant and toddlers early brain and social development are, and how it is significantly impacted by the early relationships the child shares with parents and caregivers.

It is because of this that the Great Start Collaborative and Ottawa County Parent Coalition have coordinated the Dump Truck Diaper Drive in an effort to fill a dump truck with diapers that will support Nestlings mission of providing diapers to families in need. The Dump Truck Diaper Drive is one concrete and effective way to help ensure that all babies in our community grow and thrive.

The dump truck, provided by Denny’s Excavating of West Olive, will be on Main Street in Zeeland during the Pumpkinfest activities on Saturday, October 8. Can YOU help us fill the truck? Your participation will help ensure that babies start life healthy
and ready to learn. Donate purchased packages of diapers or new, unused diapers left over from potty training or size changes (the greatest need is for diaper sizes 4, 5, & 6).

Get on the road to helping us support the ongoing diaper need. One child goes through a truckload during the diaper years.

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