Changing Diapers, Changing Lives

Diaper Need for Michigan Children Expected to Increase

How will Michigan nonprofits support about 30,000 children after state budget changes?

Nestlings was started based on the knowledge that West Michigan children living in poverty had a need for diapers. There are no state or federal programs available to help low income families get diapers and wipes.

Soon the need will be even greater when about 41,000 people will lose their cash assistance payments as a result of legislation changes to the state budget beginning on October 1. About 30,000 are children, as reported by local news WZZM13.

Nestlings, a local nonprofit organization, will experience an increased demand for diapers since, as WZZM13 reported, the welfare benefits coming to an end were often used by families with small children to pay for diapers.

Wondering how you can help?

Check out our website for a list of ways the local community can support our mission to diaper babies in need.

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