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Happy 1st Birthday

Happy Birthday to us! Today is Nestlings first birthday and it is very exciting. Last year at this time the news of our official delivery arrived and our work began.

We started giving out diapers in August last year and since then we have given away 28,392 diapers and 263 packs of wipes. That is a lot of dry bottoms and that makes us happy. It is an on going cycle that continues and we keep hearing request for more.

These numbers really prove that diaper need is a big issue. It is also one that
most people are still unaware of. With the awesome help of the people in the
community, who are aware of diaper need, we have received into Nestlings this past year 43,139 diapers and 370 packs of wipes. Way to go everyone!

Thank you so much to all of our supporters in the past year. We could not have helped all those babies and families in need without you and your support of our mission. Nestlings birthday wish is to have a bigger impact on diaper need in the next year and years to come. Here’s to happy babies everywhere!

If you would like to help us celebrate our birthday please consider holding a
diaper drive, participating in one of our fundraisers, donating packs of diapers into a drop box or make a cash donation. Thank you and blessings to you all.

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