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Local Businesses Make Diaper Donations Convenient for the Community

The need for diapers is constant so a continuous supply of diapers is also necessary. Nestlings supply of diapers comes from what is collected at local diaper drives or diapers we are able to purchase when we receive financial contributions.

The other supply of diapers comes from diapers donated by the local community and dropped off at one of several local businesses throughout Holland and Zeeland. These businesses make it easier for the local community to donate diapers anytime to Nestlings by displaying one of our diaper donation boxes in their store or place of business.

Yesterday Nestlings was able to collect 441 diapers that were dropped off at Smedley Dental in Zeeland.

Several collections of diapers have also been picked up from Inspired, a Gathering Place in Holland (next to ImageMakers Salon).

Thanks so much to individuals throughout the community who stopped by these businesses to drop off new packages of diapers as well as the diapers they had left over after potty training and size changes.

If you would like to donate diapers to Nestlings but cannot attend one of our diaper drives you can visit one of these local businesses to drop off diapers (confirming hours of operation with the business is suggested). Nestlings periodically picks up the diapers that are collected and counts, sorts, and stores them so they are available to deliver to local agencies when they place their diaper order with us.

Holland 49423

MacMedia 160 East 19th Street (616) 392-7832

Deanna’s Playhouse 11172 Adams Street (616) 396-7566

Holland 49424

Inspired, A Gathering Place 650 Riley St Ste A (616) 403-0585

Jordan Financial Associates 421 136th Ave (616) 796-8238


Mom & Baby Again 121 E Main Ave (616) 741-9112

Smedley Dental 133 1/2 E Main Ave (616) 772-7010

Howard Miller Public Library 14 S Church St (616) 772-0874


Nestlings is a community effort – Thank you for your support!

How Diapers Impact the Lives of Women In Transition

The Center for Women in Transition, located in Holland, helps women and children throughout West Michigan deal with the significant life changes that result from domestic violence. Nestlings developed a partnership with the Center for Women in Transition earlier this summer. We have been able to deliver nearly 2,000 free diapers (and in the specific sizes that were needed) which helps their organization support and encourage more women and children as they go through the challenging time of transition in their lives.

What difference do diapers make?

The Center for Women in Transition emailed us recently to thank us for the consistent supply of diapers and shared this story:

Maria* has been attending our Domestic Violence Education and Support Group for quite some time. Maria is a victim of domestic violence and suffered both emotional and physical abuse from her previous relationship. Maria and her children are safe now but the emotional abuse has caused long term damage to her self-esteem. She comes to our office frequently for support. She and her two children don’t have much financially and she struggles to make ends meet. Today when Maria came to our office with her one year old son, she told the crisis staff person that he was in a wet diaper and embarrassingly admitted that she is feeling overwhelmed and doesn’t have enough money to buy diapers right now. Our crisis staff person immediately thought of our recent Nestlings donation, and went to our storage room to get three packs of 12 diapers and a box of wipes. Maria was so thankful for the assistance! Although this doesn’t sound like much to many of us, this was an enormous help for Maria. What a relief it was for her to be able to make her son more comfortable and to have one less stressor in her life!

*client’s name and some identifying info has been changed to protect her identity

Local organizations like the Center for Women in Transition – and numerous other social service agencies in Ottawa County – work hard every day to serve the families that walk in their doors. Nestlings is thankful to support these organizations with free diapers so they can continue their focus on building relationships and empowering families to get through difficult transitions.

This simple basic thing – providing diapers – makes such a direct impact on peoples lives. Thank you for supporting Nestlings so that we can continue making a difference with diapers.

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